Monthly Archive: March 2019


You don’t need a IDesignTimeDbContextFactory

If you have ever gotten the error message, that tells you to add IDesignTimeDbContextFactory to your project, when doing EF Core migrations. This particular one: Unable to create an object of type ‘MyContext’. Add an implementation of ‘IDesignTimeDbContextFactory’ to the project, or see for additional patterns supported at design time. You will probably be scratching your head, asking some questions and maybe even swear a little. Because the console will tell you to implemnt a IDesignTimeDbContextFactory so that is But don’t fret, you don’t need one. You can avoid it by having making sure of the following: The entire solution must be buildable and be able to run! If you have a project that cannot build, you can exclude it with the build configuration manager. Default constructor For the system to...

Nuget + XML docs + Swagger 11

Add NuGet package XML documentation to Swagger

Copy XML documentation from NuGet package to project build folder! At my current client, we are building an API that is put together by re-usable “API parts”, eg. ASP.NET Core Application Parts, which works wonders by the way. We can have multiple parts of the API split into small NuGet packages that can be re-used in other systems, that way we only have to implement system specific code, the rest is reused, including documentation etc. Talking about documentation, brings us directly to the issue. We use SwashBuckle to generate our Swagger definition and Swagger UI, and Swashbuckle requires XML documentation, to be able to include documentation from our Controllers and models. I thought we could probably just add a checkbox “Add XML documentation from NuGet package, on build”, but… Unfortunately...

C# 8 records 5

Immutable Records could be added in C# 8.x

There are talks about this feature being postponed to a minor version after 8.0 is released, as it might not be ready for the major C# 8.0 release. The features for C# 8.0 still hasn’t been decided yet, so that means this information is still subject to change! Since Microsoft rebuilt the C# compiler into what is now the Roslyn compiler, the language teams’ feature implementation speed has been phenomenal, they are cranking features out in record time.  Pro C# 7: With .NET and .NET Core Microsoft is committed to continuously update the C# language. They have even given us incremental updates of features that were not yet ready for the major versions release date and subsequently added it in minor language updates, such as C# 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3....