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Sharing is caring – Starting a blog

I got featured on Googles Featured list! As some of you may have noticed. I have started a blog at the start of the year. And I honestly did not expect it to do so well, and I didn’t expect that I would actually keep writing for it. The blog is a software developer blog, focusing on the issues, challenges, and solutions I face and find in my daily job as a freelance software consultant. So far it has mostly been about technical issues, but I am steering it toward describing some of the leadership-role challenges I face, and what I learn. I wish to include more stuff about being self-employed and what that feels like, but I am unsure of the interest. Why did I start the blog, you...

You are a trainer; you just don't know it yet! 1

You are a trainer; you just don’t know it yet!

You are a trainer; you just don’t know it yet! Most of us find ourselves in situations where we are training other people, not only in the ordinary presenter or mentor position but also in general situations where we need to convey ideas and knowledge. I recently participated in a 2-day facilitator course in JCI Denmark, and I learned a lot of tools, that I can use in my everyday consulting job. Tools that I would like to share with you guys as well. You are a trainer, you just don’t know it If you ask most developers if part of their job is to be a trainer, they would probably say no. But I beg to differ. Especially as developers, we need to share ideas all the time with...