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10 tips and tricks for solving software problems

As software consultants, we are often faced with bugs or problems the client cannot fix themselves. We are expected to quickly figure out the problem, and propose or implement a solution. Through my career I have developed a sort of mindset to get to the bottom of issues without wasting time hunting deadends or non-issues, and deliver results and value more efficiently. Here is my list of 10 tips for how I go about solving software problems 1. Focus A common problem I saw in myself, and I see very often in software developers, is a lack of focus. If you are trying to solve too many issues at once, you will probably fail at all of them. The first thing you must do, is figure out what you are actually trying to solve, and then stay on target. Usually my clients, have some sort description of what should be happening, and what isn’t happening. The description of the issues are often vague, but can be boiled down to tangible issues. As developers, we have a tendency to hunt any bug we find. If for example you are dealing with communication issues between two services, it might not be relevant to your current task, to start debugging the datalayer or refactoring a calculation algorithm. A side effect to lack of focus, is that your git history becomes unclear and kind of a mess. All of a sudden you have two or more half-done fixes staged, which means that either you can’t commit the first fix,...


Hello world!

Finally, I created the blog. My old website on this same domain, was a static html file, telling people who I was, and what I do. Not only was that 3 years out of date, and I had since changed jobs, and become a consultant. But it provided no value for anyone.   Like most other developers, I run into problems and find solutions to those problems, but I am not sharing that knowledge with the world, which is a shame. Through my career I have functioned as a tutor and then later a teacher at the local academy, but I often find myself in mentoring positions, such as the one I am in now. I currently work as a Senior Software Consultant, and one of my many duties, is to mentor and learn the junior developers how to write good code and build a sustainable architecture. In general I love to share, but stackoverflow is not always the right place for general knowledge sharing, even though I love that platform. So here goes nothing. Maybe I will be the next big blogger, or my blog will die in silence, like so many others 😀