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How I became a software consultant 4

How I became a Software Consultant

This is a true story about my career leading up to me being able to jump ship and become a small business owner, and a freelance software consultant, earning 3 times as much as my highest software developer salary and having a blast! Disclaimer: This is a very honest blog post, and I have changed all names of the companies and people in the post to protect their privacy and brand. This post is meant to give an honest and sincere representation of my road to becoming a software consultant. So others can see the ups and downs in my career. It is not meant to shame or otherwise harm anyone else, therefore are all the names changed. Student developer job Back in 2012, I 22 years old and was...

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10 tips and tricks for solving software problems

As software consultants, we are often faced with bugs or problems the client cannot fix themselves. We are expected to quickly figure out the problem, and propose or implement a solution. Through my career I have developed a sort of mindset to get to the bottom of issues without wasting time hunting deadends or non-issues, and deliver results and value more efficiently. Here is my list of 10 tips for how I go about solving software problems 1. Focus A common problem I saw in myself, and I see very often in software developers, is a lack of focus. If you are trying to solve too many issues at once, you will probably fail at all of them. The first thing you must do, is figure out what you are...