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Get started with .NET Generic Host 2

Get started with .NET Generic Host

Learn how Microsoft made it easier to bootstrap your new .NET Core project and get started with .NET Generic host. In the version bump to .NET Core 2.1, Microsoft added the .NET Generic Host, which is a non-web version of the WebHost that runs ASP.NET Core. The thought behind this addition was to allow us to re-use the tools that we use in ASP.NET, such as dependency injection and logging abstractions of Microsoft.Extensions. Later on, in ASP.NET Core 3.0 and 3.1, they moved ASP.NET to run on .NET Generic Host instead of the previously used WebHost, merging the two approaches together to make them truly the same. Now we can build our console applications, systemd’s, windows services or web apps on the same underlying hosting paradigm, with the same shared...

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10 tips and tricks for solving software problems

As software consultants, we are often faced with bugs or problems the client cannot fix themselves. We are expected to quickly figure out the problem, and propose or implement a solution. Through my career I have developed a sort of mindset to get to the bottom of issues without wasting time hunting deadends or non-issues, and deliver results and value more efficiently. Here is my list of 10 tips for how I go about solving software problems 1. Focus A common problem I saw in myself, and I see very often in software developers, is a lack of focus. If you are trying to solve too many issues at once, you will probably fail at all of them. The first thing you must do, is figure out what you are...